Happiness - The Courage to Change

Changing our own lives takes work. It takes courage, patience, persistence, and the strength to continue to be positive about those changes no matter how slow they may appear to be going. But it’s worth it.

The energy of change builds up and can be used to do this.

Unfortunately, that courage thing can easily prevent people from going forward. What doesn’t take courage is to look at someone else’s life and pick out all their perceived flaws and criticize them at random. Maybe this is why people do that so often instead of working on their own lives.

You don’t have to be the same. Use your energy to better your own life and keep your attention on it. If you’re being criticized by someone or even by a few people, don’t waste too much energy trying to explain things to them or to defend your choices or fill them in on all they don’t know.

You need all your energy to continue working on you.

~Doe Zantamata